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The Must See Films Of 2014

Sitting comfortably? We have scoured the web to bring you the most anticipated films of 2014! Share your thoughts with us on twitter @smartatech

Our List Of The Must See Films of 2014!

January 2014

The Wolf Of Wall Street

Wolf Of Wall Street

Wolf Of Wall Street

Based on the memoirs of Jordan Belfont (DiCaprio), this is the story of a Wall Street criminal’s meteoric rise and eventual fall. Expect yachts, champagne, dwarf tossing and all manner of bad behaviour as the FBI closes in, intent on shutting down the party.
12 Years a Slave

1841, and musician Solomon Northup (Ejiofor) is abducted while working in Washington DC and sold as a slave. For 12 years he is forced to labour in the antebellum South, all the while hoping to escape home to his family, under the control of slave owners who range from relatively benign (Cumberbatch) to dangerously unpredictable (Fassbender).

Out Of The Furnace

In a depressed Pennsylvania town, Russell (Bale) tries to keep his head down and work for a better life with girlfriend Lena (Saldana) while his soldier brother Rodney (Affleck) tries to find a quick buck. But when Russell is sent to prison following a car accident, his brother spirals out of control.

February 2014


In 2028 Detroit, the police are losing the war on crime even as corporation OmniCorp frets about the laws preventing them from bringing their drone fighters onto American soil. Seriously injured officer Alex Murphy (Kinnaman) seems to offer both a solution to both dilemmas when he’s turned into a cyborg cop.
Cuban Fury

Bruce (Frost) was a teen salsa prodigy who quit dancing after being bullied for his passion. Now a meek office worker at an engineering firm, he’s abused by his colleague (O’Dowd) as he falls for his salsa-loving boss (Jones). Can he get his mojo back and win her over?

The Lego Movie

Emmet (Pratt) is an utterly ordinary mini-fig who is mistaken for the prophesied Master Builder and recruited to fight the evil Lord Business (Ferrell), who plans to superglue the LEGO universe together. Emmet will have help from Wyldstyle (Banks), Batman (Arnett), Wonder Woman (Smulders) and Superman (Tatum).

March 2014

300 Rise of An empire

Partly a prequel and partly a side-quel to 300, this chronicles how Rodrigo Santoro’s Xerxes first became a giant bald god-man, and then sets up an epic confrontation between the Persian fleet, led by Eva Green’s formidable Artemisia, and the Athenian fleet led by Themistokles (Spartacus’ Stapleton)

The Zero Theorum

Qohen Leth (Waltz) is a computer genius in an Orwellian / capitalist future, working to solve the titular problem and discover whether the meaning of life. But, beset by interruptions from his company’s management, the manager’s son Bob (Hedges) and a femme fatale (Thierry).


Jo (Gainsbourg) is a self-diagnosed sex addict who, aged 50, recounts her sexual adventures to a bachelor, Seligman (Skarsgard), who just saved her from being beaten up.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Two years after Avengers, and Captain America / Steve Rogers (Evans) is living a quiet and blameless life, working for SHIELD in Washington DC alongside Black Widow (Johansson). But he uncovers a mystery while fending off hitmen, and has to recruit Falcon (Mackie) to help as a new enemy, the Winter Soldier (Stan), emerges.


God’s planning some smiting, and directs his man Noah (Crowe) to build an ark, which he does with the help of his wife (Connelly) and family and despite the dangerous Tubal-cain (Winstone). Then the waters begin to rise…



April 2014

The Amazing Spiderman 2

Peter Parker / Spider-Man (Garfield) is enjoying life with his girlfriend Gwen Stacey (Stone) and his newfound super-powers. But new threats Electro (Foxx) and Rhino (Giamatti), alongside a new friendship with Harry Osborn (DeHaan), all link back to one source, Oscorp, and the secrets hidden in Parker’s past.


Breacher (Schwarzenegger) leads an elite team of DEA operatives, who clean millions of dollars out a drug dealer’s safe house. Part of the money goes missing, and when someone starts killing off members of the team (unwisely not starting with the Austrian Oak) Breacher’s team find themselves under investigation.


Scientist Evelyn (Hall) uploads the brain of her assassinated husband Will (Depp) onto computer so they can continue, with their partner Max (Bettany), working towards their shared goal of creating a technological singularity, where machine intelligence surpasses that of humanity. Because there’s no way that could go wrong.

May 2014


Need we say more?


A rags-to-pitches tale about the greatest footballer of all time (apologies, Robbie Savage) that follows the young Edson Arantes do Nascimento’s (Carvalho as the younger Pele and then de Paula) rise from City Of God-style barrio to the World Cup Final in Stockholm in 1958.

Edge Of Tomorrow

Lt. Col. Bill Cage (Cruise) was quite happy in the army’s PR department as humanity fought off invading aliens. But when he is packed off to the front lines, he’s swiftly killed. The only issue is that he finds himself caught in a time loop, reliving the same days over and over as he tries to figure out a way to win the fight – with the help of Emily Blunt’s Rita Vrataski, who seems to know what he’s going through.

Maleficent Maleficent

Maleficent (Jolie) does, admittedly, curse a baby to death as we saw in Disney’s 1959 Sleeping Beauty – but she’s not all bad, honest. In this prequel / sidequel from the villain’s point of view, we discover that she’s been betrayed by those closest to her and is acting to save her threatened forest home.



Transformers Age Of Extinction

Several years after the events of the last film, the Transformers have disappeared. But inventor Cade Yeager (Wahlberg) digs up something strange that draws them back, as human enemies led by Grammer’s Harold Attinger also conspire to something-or-other. Cue explosions!

Dawn Of The Plant Of The Apes

A decade on from the last film, humanity has been devastated by the virus we saw released. But the apes, led by the now grown family-chimp Caesar (Serkis) are still under threat, and the two bands both see an advantage in crafting a tentative peace. But can it survive? (Well, no. We’ve seen the original film)


50 Shades Of Gray

We still can’t quite believe this is happening, and yet here we are. Given Taylor-Johnson’s solid reputation as a director, there’s a chance that the audience’s inner goddesses will all be pirouetting by the end, but will the cinema become a red room of pain instead?

Get On UP

A James Brown biopic, following the singer’s life from his childhood in poverty in Georgia with parents Susie (Davis) and Joe (James) and the various aunts who helped to raise him. As an adult (Boseman) he became, of course, the Godfather of Soul.

The Inbetweeners Movie 2

The four hapless heroes head Down Under, presumably for some sort of gap year, where the best fwiends get into a variety of embarrassing and improbable scrapes in pursuit of la femme. We are assured that this one involves koalas and kangaroos in some fashion although not, we devoutly hope, anything of a sexual nature.

Expendables 3Expendables 3

The Expendables come face-to-face with their founder, Conrad Stonebanks (Gibson) who their now-leader Barney Ross (Stallone) believed he had killed after Stonebanks became an arms dealer. Now Stoneback’s (seriously, these names) out for revenge, so Ross has to recruit some younger members to fight back.

Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For

Three stories see Dwight (Brolin) – having undergone plastic surgery that explains why he no longer looks like Clive Owen – trying to help his former lover Ava (Green); Nancy (Alba) trying to cope with Hartigan’s (Bruce Willis) death, and gambler Johnny (Gordon-Levitt) mixing gaming and revenge.


Gone Girl

Nick (Affleck) and Amy Dunne (Pike) seem to be the perfect couple, so when she disappears on their anniversary, there is shock before suspicion falls on Nick. It gradually becomes clear that their perfect marriage had hidden flaws, and the investigating detectives (Fugit, Dickens) have to look harder for the truth.

Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Based on the classic 1980s kid’s book, Alexander (Oxenbould) wakes up with gum in his hair, trips on his skateboard, drops his jumper in a sink full of cold water and sees the day go downhill from there. The adults in his life offer no comfort, and to add insult to injury make lima beans for dinner.


April 1945, and the Allies are making their final push into Germany against the remnants of the Wehrmacht. A sergeant nicknamed Wardaddy (Pitt) and his five-man crew head on a dangerous mission behind enemy lines in their Sherman tank. It’s presumably not a covert mission, then, given the ruddy great tank.

The Maze RunnerThe Maze Runner

Thomas (O’Brien) wakes up with no memory who he is. He finds himself in the centre of a maze, one that maze runners among his fellow inmates try to solve daily. With new friends Newt (Brodie-Sangster) and Minho (Lee) Thomas tries to figure out what’s happening, but the arrival of Teresa (Scodelario) accompanies signs that the maze is becoming more dangerous and the balance is shifting.



A wormhole is discovered, and with Earth’s resources depleted a team of really, ridiculously good-looking explorers and scientists head through it to see what they can find. There are rumours that the plot also involves time travel and alternate dimensions, but it’s Christopher Nolan so who knows?

MockingjayThe Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1

Following the end of Catching Fire, Katniss Everdeen (J. Lawrence) finds herself in District 13, previously thought destroyed. There, President Alma Coin (Moore) hopes to use Katniss as a figurehead in a war against The Capitol – but since President Snow (Sutherland) still holds her friends, including Peeta (Hutcherson), Katniss is hesitant to commit to the cause.





It’s The Book Of Exodus, only now Christian Bale is Moses and Aaron Paul is Joshua (who followed him as leader of the Israelites). Joel Edgerton plays the Pharaoh Rameses II and Sigourney Weaver is his mother, Tuya.

Dumb and Dumber 2

We rejoin Lloyd Christmas (Carrey) and Harry Dunne (Daniels) nearly 20 years older but not a single IQ-point brighter. They head out on another road trip to find a long-lost child and ask the poor unfortunate to donate a kidney.

The HobbitThe Hobbit There And Back Again

Smaug (Cumberbatch) is on the loose, the Necromancer (also Cumberbatch) is on the march with an army of orcs, and the dwarves are in disarray. Bilbo Baggins (Freeman) has quite a lot to figure out.

The Raid 2

We open in prison, with Uwais’ Rama incarcerated to establish his undercover identity as a felon. He’s trying to infiltrate a mob family and weed out corruption in the police force this time – so the scope is wider and the violence even more shocking.


Plenty of quality originals and sequels in this list. Which movie are you most looking forward to watching in 2014? Share your views with us on twitter

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