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Tech Trends 2014

What exciting innovations will be in your homes in 2014?

What will the fast paced world of technology have in store for us n 2014? We have scoured the web to discover what exciting trends we expect to see this year. Please see a shortlist of what we expect in 2014.

4K Ultra HD Television

What does every home cinema need? Larger screens with better specs! At CES 2013 the first glimpse of 4K was revealed giving a breathtaking picture from a television packed with smart specs and apps.

4K HDTVs, also known as “Ultra HDTVs” offer screen resolution approximately four times greater than your standard 1080p HDTV. At CES 2013 there were a number of clear and brilliant that it was like looking out of your window.

The new range of 4K Ultra HD Tvs have moved away from the gimic of 3D and into a new world of visual brilliance. Both Samsung and LG have already announced plans to show off enormous 4K TVs that even incorporate curved displays, supposedly producing the best picture humanly possible today.

More important, we’ll also see progress on the content side as other companies step in to address how owners of 4K TVs will be able to obtain true 4K movies. As the prices of the sets themselves fall (at least the non-curved, non-ginormous ones), we’ll also see some general progress in the maturing of the technology — most notably the addition of HDMI 2.0 connectors on new sets, allowing for full 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

TV manufacturers have, throughout 2013, worked on lowering the prices for these incredible sets, but have (smartly) refrained from over-marketing them. They learned a hard lesson with 3D TV, which was heralded as the next big thing.

Moving away from 3D technology, which has limited content on the market, HD visuals is something consumers understand and, better yet, can enjoy without special, nausea-inducing glasses. Once they transitioned from 4:3 (aspect ratio), 480i (resolution), tube-based TV to 1080i pictures and content (and 1080p Blu-ray discs), there was no going back.

Its expected that 4K TV prices will continue to plummet in 2014 as demand increases. With major film producers companies shooting big budget films in 4K don’t be surprised to see a high demand for the new range of Ultra HD Tvs in home cinema across the UK.

Wearable Technology

Flaunted in the latest EE network with Kevin Bacon, wearable technology  also known as ‘tech fashion’ will arrive. Powered by the booming App marketplace,

Don’t expect splashy unveilings from big names, however; any serious smartwatch will be introduced at its own event. More likely, we’ll see a few less ambitious models and plenty more specialized fitness tracker-type devices similar to the Nike+ Fuelband.

Let’s not forget about smart glasses. Google Glass has jolted the until-now sleepy category of head-mounted displays, and several competitors will be looking to grab hold of the nascent market before Google finally launches the consumer version of its signature wearable sometime in 2014. Expect glasses-mounted cameras, specialized models like the Recon Jet, and full-on connected specs on the market early this year.

Biometrics in the home (finger print scanning)

Home automation has integrated fingerprint sensors and eye scanners over the past few years. But since the launch of the iPhone 5S fingerprint technology, smartphone and tablet manufacturers are tripping over themselves to integrate fingerprint scanners into their devices

It doesn’t stop at fingerprints. Thanks to the iPhone, the whole category of biometrics is suddenly red-hot. You can bet on devices, systems and even physical locks that scan some part of your body to use as your password. A lot of discussion will also focus on whether that’s a good idea. It’s something that Smart Security enthusiasts will be very excited about in 2014.

3D Printing In The Home

There’s no doubt 3D printing is on the rise, but it faces two problems: The printers themselves are expensive and taking 3D pictures of objects to print is actually a tall order for most. Innovative companies are addressing both issues with cheaper printers and easy-to-use scanners, so the move toward more accessible 3D printing will continue in 2014, potentially leading to mainstream breakthrough in the near future.

Cloud Storage – Competition Intensifies

You’ll hear a stronger desktop PC death rattle in 2014, as consumers finally embrace cloud storage. Consequently, they’ll soon need a lot more than the 5-20 GB standard with most mobile services.

Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google will get serious about marketing and advertising consumer cloud storage, access and work options. They’ll also compete more directly, which may result in a price-per-gigabyte war.

Microsoft kicked the competition off in 2013 with 200 GB of free cloud storage — with a Surface 2 tablet purchase.

However, most consumers in 2013 still didn’t understand how cloud-based storage works. The disparity of tools, interfaces and storage options is “clouding” what should be a clear picture: The days of storing locally are nearing an end.

In 2014, cloud storage producers will conduct an education, pricing and marketing offensive. By the end of next year, external hard drive sales will decline and cloud storage adoption will have skyrocketed.

Interested in bringing this latest technology into your home in 2014?

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