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How to add value to your home in 2014

Top tips to make your home stand out  from the crowd So your looking to add value to your home to enhance your living experience and make your home stand out from the crowd. We have put together a list of our top tips for home improvement in 2014. Feel free to share this with […]

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Top tips for selling your home!

Selling your home should feel like preparing it for its first blind date, you probably won’t know who is interested in buying your home, so you need to make it look as appealing as possible. The first viewings are all about first impressions, or how attractive they find you. With dating, it takes us humans […]

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What Does Your Home Say About You?

If you’ve been glued to the TV on a Saturday night, chances are you’ve stumbled across Keith Lemon’s new show Through The Keyhole, a show where we see Keith pottering around an unknown celebrity house, leaving his panel of guest to guess who’s abode he is causing havoc in. From Mary Berry, Tom from McFly […]

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